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Lunchie Munchie

Name of Item: 1/3 Pound Cheeseburger Combo Meal (Small)
Chain/Brand: Hardee's
Price: $3.99
Nitty Gritty: 1 1/3rd pound Angus Beef cheeseburger, on a sesame seed bun, topped with ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles; a side of fries; and a "small" soft drink.
Optional Steps: Considered getting bacon, decided against it since its like 80 cents. For a drink I got unsweetened tea, a common beverage down south.

Aroma: 6. Smelt pretty good, but nothing really stood out to me.
Fillingness: 8. Good fillingness. I did have to refill my tea, but that is more indicitive of the fact that I walked to the restaurant, about half to three-quarters of a mile.
Mouthfeel: Neat. The sandwich seemed well made with the toppings and condiments not just slapped on there. The fries have a bit of crispness to them.
Taste: 9. Angus beef makes the best burgers, and since the toppings/condiments were well distributed, no one spot had over-powering flavors. The beef is lean and not greasy, the pickles and onions crisp, and the mustard and ketchup not overpowering. The fries are good, sorta like McDonald's fries but a little crisper. The tea, sweetened with a packet of Sweet N Low, was refreshing.
Value: 8. I was suitably filled up for 3.99 whereas I don't think a 3.99 meal at BK or McDs would have done the same.

Serving Suggestions: Nothing springs readily to mind other than to get whatever you want to drink, etc.

Additional Thoughts: Hardee's is apparently pushing its "bigger is better" philosphy on all things. This was a "small" combo, but the size of the drink is equal to the size of a medium in most chains, plus it is refillable, of course. The fries and the burger are served in a basket brought to your table, and for a small, there were plenty of fries here. I had fries all the way to the end of the sandwich. So unless you are really honking hungry, a small Thickburger combo should fill you up nicely. Another note is that, like all Thickburgers, this sandwich is served with a "half-wrap;" that is, half of the sandwich is wrapped in paper so as to be neater. Which is not as big a deal on this sandwich as it is with the Low Carb Thickburger (no bun) or the dearly-missed Chilli Cheeseburger. Still, a nice touch.

Final Grade: 8. A good sandwich and a good meal, makes a very good lunch. Worth walking down to Hardee's and the cheapest Thickburger you can buy. Strongly Recommended.
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