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More Breakfast! More Breakfast!

Name of Item: Sausage Biscuit with Egg (WTF? Why is the name out of order?
Chain/Brand: McDonalds
Price: 2 for $2.00 special going on at the moment.
Nitty Gritty: Biscuit with scrambled-style egg and a sausage patty.
Optional Steps: Straight up. Did eat them in the car, though.

Aroma: 5. Not bad, a slightly sweet odor. Not as nice as the Hardee's S&E biscuit.
Fillingness: 4. As in I needed to eat 4 of these bad boys before I was full.
Mouthfeel: 8. The biscuit has good flakiness, the eggs aren't runny or soft. The sausage has good texture.
Taste: 7. The biscuit is seemingly brushed with a sweet butter, since it has a sweeter taste than any other fast food biscuit I know. The sausage is pretty mild, but tasty.
Value: 8. The 2 for $2.00 deal is better than the Hardee's 2 for $2.22 deal (when they run it; now they have Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits on special).

Serving Suggestions: Something to drink. Biscuits tend to dry out the pallet when they are eaten without a drink, so grab a Coke or some coffee or whatever you want.

Additional Thoughts: I got these sandwiches while driving home from Aiken on Monday morning. I stopped in Greenwood, got two, then stopped again some 40-odd miles later in Anderson and got two more. They simply didn't fill me up as well as two Hardee's biscuits typically did. And with good reason -- they are slightly smaller. I suspect that the Hardee's ones are oversized, and that these are the normal size. The sweeter biscuit is nice, and adds a good contrast to the sausage. A little greasy, but no more than any other breakfast sandwich.

Final Grade: 6.75 -- Taste-wise, worth a 7, but the lack of fillingness is a bit disconcerting. Worth checking out if you can't find a Hardee's or if you don't have a lot of cash.
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