Harlan Rosen (thegreath) wrote in food4review,
Harlan Rosen

A vagrant child!

Name of Item: Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich
Chain: Burger King
Price: No idea.
Nitty Gritty: 1x "Tendercrisp" Chicken Breast, 2x tomato slices, lettuce fragments, mayonnaise, 1x "corn-dusted" bun
Optional Steps: None

Aroma: 5 (No discernable scents.)
Fillingness: 9 (..burp.)
Mouthfeel: Tender. Not crispy.
Taste: 8
Value: 8

Serving Suggestions: Perhaps a slice of cheese and some ketchup instead of mayo. Adding fries to this may just be too much for this badboy of a sandwich.

Additional Thoughts: A pretty decent offering from Burger King if I do say so myself. The breaded chicken breast was quite large and tender, although not very crispy. I'd dare say that BK is falsely calling it crisp. Distinct chicken flavor and texture, very enjoyable to eat. The "corn-dusted" bun is nothing spectacular and is often called a kaiser roll at Wendy's (which is not true, as I've had a real kaiser roll and what Wendy's serves is far from the real deal). If they added a few more herbs and spices to the breading, they would've easily made the most kickass chicken sandwich ever.

Final Grade: 9

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