Cookie (canadiacookie) wrote in food4review,

Nacho nacho man!

Name of Item: Chili Con Queso
Chain/Brand: Taco Mac
Price: $3.50? I forget
Nitty Gritty: Hard and soft corn chips, salsa, chili cheese dip.
Optional Steps: No optional steps.

Aroma: 5. These are nachos after all, they didn't have too strong of a smell to them.
Fillingness: 8. If I had been eating these alone it would be a 10, but being 2 these went very quickly. However I went to another Taco Mac and this particular dish seemed to be smaller. I guess the amount varies from restaurant.
Mouthfeel: 8. The hard corn chips are nice and crunchy, nothing special. But the soft corn chips are to die for. Roll them up, dunk them in the cheese dip and enjoy a nice warm gooey treat.
Taste: 9. It tastes fantabulous, I could eat these every day.
Value: 9. It's an excellent bargain, especially if you add a soda, free refills.

Serving Suggestions: Add a drink to make it taste better, especially the salsa, at times it gets spicy. I tried various fountain drinks but root beer seems to have been the perfect combination for me.

Additional Thoughts: Nothing here.

Final Grade: 9. God I love those Nachos. Knowing there is no Taco Mac in Canada ticks me off. I could kill someone for those soft corn chips and chili cheese dip. I could do without the hard corn chips and salsa though. Just pile on more soft corn chips and it would be perfect.
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