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Burger Time

Name of Item: Burger King Double Cheeseburger Combo, Plus an Extra Double Cheeseburger
Chain/Brand: Burger King
Price: 2.99 plus tax
Nitty Gritty: Two Double-Cheeseburgers with pickles, American cheese, sweet pickle chips, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a seasame-seed bun. Burger King's fries, which seem to be made in peanut oil, from the taste of them, and a medium-sized Dr. Pepper .

Optional Steps: Used a coupon for a buy-one get one free Double Cheeseburger. The drive-thru girl was kind enough to give me the combo price, making for some nice savings. I chalk it up to my sexy voice.

Aroma: 6 Those fries just made my mouth water like all get out.
Fillingness: 7
Mouthfeel: Not too greasy, but enough that it tasted of chargrilled love.
Taste: 5 Nothing extraordinary.
Value: 9 Deals don't get much better.

Serving Suggestions: Goes well with fries and the beveridge of your choice. Unfortunately, no Mr. Pibb.

Additional Thoughts: Honestly, it's your average burger fare, but at that sort of price, not to mention with one of the two kinds of best-prepared fries in fast food today, it can't really be beat. Not to mention that the service at that Burger King was superior to most fast food places, which made my experience all the more pleasurable. Still, I wouldn't have been adverse to swapping in some chipolte mayonaise, which I've become addicted to thanks to my job. On a medium-well cooked Black Angus burger, that stuff is heavenly.

Final Grade: 7 (Modified thanks to service from a 6.5)
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