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Big Tuna (not Bill Parcells)

Name of Item: BK Fish Filet (formerly BK Big Fish) with side of Medium Fries.
Chain/Brand: Burger King
Price: $3.86 after tax
Nitty Gritty: One (1) square filet of fried frish, topped with a slice of yellow American cheese, shredded lettuce, and tartar sauce, served on a sesame seed bun; and a carton of French-Fried potatoes.
Optional Steps: None. Although I might have said "No cheese" if I had known it had any; see below.

Aroma: 5. Nothing either way as the Big Fish is not especially odiferous. The fries had little scent since they were not that fresh.
Fillingness: 6. Decent for a non-Hardee's sandwich. I could have downed two of these and fries and I would have been satisfied.
Mouthfeel: HOT. One thing about fish sandwiches is that save for Long John Silver's, most places don't keep a level of them. Thus, its hot when you get it! The cool tartar sauce and lettuce made a nice temperature contrast to the hot filet and the melting cheese.
Taste: 8. My favorite mainstream fish sandwich. The filet is decent sized and very flavorful, and the shredded lettuce works well with it. As for the cheese, well, its odd. When I worked at BK when I was in high school, there was no cheese on the sandwich. And the pictures on the menu still show no cheese. But yet the sandwich has cheese. I don't mind, really, since it tastes pretty good. But you could delete it and not effect the Taste score any. What really makes this sandwich shine is the tartar sauce. It's not too mild and not too strong and it makes a perfect compliment to the filet. The fries were mediocre at best; BK fries are good hot but when they cool a bit they tend to get a little chewy. Still, the warm ones were good.
Value: 6. Docked a point because this was the on-campus BK, who has higher prices. Two of these for less than $5 is not bad at all, though.

Serving Suggestions: Ask for No Salt fries so they have to make them fresh. Depending on your cheese n fish stance, delete cheese.

Additional Thoughts: I used to consume these things with reckless abandon in high school, and I still like them today, so they must be good. If you don't like fish sandwiches, though, don't expect it to win you over. Eventually I am going to need to do a one on one comaprison of the Big Fish (oh, pardon me, BK Fish Filet) and the Filet-O-Fish to see who the Grand Champion of Fish Sammichs is.

Final Grade: 7. A very good sandwich and a personal fav. Not for everyone though. Recommended.
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