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My recipe.

See, as some of you know, I work in a Denny's-ish 'restaraunt'. Done so for the past year and eight months. And when you do such things, you get quite bored. And well, a brother like me likes to eat. Especially when as a manager, the company's footing the bill for my grub. So, occasionally, I fiend a steak. Unfortunately, we use middling-quality steaks. But, I've come up with a marinade that's pretty tasty. Soak the steak for 3 hours, cook it to a nice juicy medium, and devour. It also works well with deer steaks, as we did tonight.

But on to the recipe.

Randall's (I don't have a flashy name for it yet) Marinade.


3/4 cup of Mr. Yoshida's Sesame Garlic Sauce and Marinade,
1 oz Frank's Red Hot Original Cayanne Pepper Sauce
1/2 cup House of Tsang Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Mix and blend evenly until the contents are fully mixed.

Pretty simple eh? Mind you, this recipe's for about 12 oz worth of sauce, because my lovely waitress requested me to make some so she could marinade some chicken breasts in it. So adjust the recipe accordingly depending on what you wish to marinade, but I can tell you...and my co-workers will testify, it's some tasty sauce.
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