Pat Benware (friendpersonpat) wrote in food4review,
Pat Benware

The TenderCrisp: Now With Spice!

Name of Item: Spicy TenderCrisp Sandwich
Chain/Brand: Burger King
Price: I forgot. I think the meal was around $6.00.
Nitty Gritty: Same TenderCrisp you know and love, only now it's apparently spicy.
Optional Steps: You can order the special Hot Sauce on your Spicy TenderCrisp, which I did. It's a strange yellow sauce, somewhat reminiscient of the Smokehouse Sauce which will always remain in my heart.

Aroma: 10. First thing I noticed when I popped open the wrapper was this really nice, well, SPICY scent, mixed with the usual chicken. The one I got smelled so good, I almost slapped my mother across from me.
Fillingness: About 4-6, depending on appetite. If you're just stopping in for a quick bite, this'll do you. But for me, at least, lunch would compose of two or three with a large fries. But I eat a lot.
Mouthfeel: Tender. Crispy. Oh snap! They should call this the TenderCrisp!
Taste: 7. The sandwich is good, but when I order something spicy AND have more spicy ON IT, I expect my mouth to kinda hurt. It didn't, but it did tingle my teeth a little. A very good sandwich, I just wish it had a little more spicy.
Value: 8. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same price as the original TenderCrisp.

Serving Suggestions: I always have mine plain, with cheese. If you like SPICY, see if you can go double on the hot sauce. Either way, the hot sauce is a must because I didn't detect too much spicy in the chicken itself.

Additional Thoughts: A+ Good Sandwich. A fitting addition to the BK lineup, which has been all too devoid of the spiciness that makes Wendy's so much <3.

Final Grade: 8. I wholeheartedly approve.
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