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I called in drunk on Monday and...

Name of Item: 'Big Country' Breakfast Platter
Chain/Brand: Hardee's
Price: $2.99
Nitty Gritty: Platter with two (2) pancakes, scrambled eggs, your choice of meat (sausage, bacon, or ham -- I took sausage), a plain biscuit, and a small order of hash rounds.
Optional Steps: I got an additional order of hash rounds because I really like them and rarely have them. This added some to the price, but I will report only on the platter.

Aroma: 8. Mmmmm. The pancakes and the biscuit smell really appealing.
Fillingness: 7.5. You get a good amount of food for the money, and the heavier foods (potatoes and pancakes) help fill you up.
Mouthfeel: N/A. Each element is good in its own way, but as this is a platter its kinda hard to rate it. The pancakes are pleasantly chewy and the hash rounds are HOT.
Taste: 8. The biscuit, eggs, and sausage are good as usual. The pancakes were a surprise since sometimes these can taste stale, but these were good. Hash rounds were greasy, but that is normal for this fare.
Value: 8. It's the same price as the Breakfast Bowl, but with more variation (IE, starches since the BB is low carb).

Serving Suggestions: Something to drink. I had a Diet Pepsi which was fine. Make sure to get some butter and syrup for your pancakes, and either butter or jam for your biscuit.

Additional Thoughts: I called in drunk to work yesterday and decided to make the most of it by going all out with my breakfast. I was satisfied by this meal and thought it was a good value. Munching on this while watching Sabrina while I should have been at work is a good thing.

Final Grade: 7.75 -- It's a good sit down and eat fast food breakfast. Obviously this is not portable by any means. Not everyone likes this sort of thing, but if you do, you can't go wrong with it.
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