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Name of Item: Sausage Egg & Cheese Crossan'wich.
Chain/Brand: Burger King
Price: On special 2 for $2.22
Nitty Gritty: Croissant roll with scrambled eggs, sausage patty, and 1 (one) slice of yellow American cheese. (I believe you can get them with bacon or ham, as well, but they aren't on special).
Optional Steps: Nada.

Aroma: 7. Interesting. The croissant smells more appealing than the sausage.
Fillingness: 7. Good for two sandwiches. MUCH better than the Sausage Biscuit With Egg from McDonalds.
Mouthfeel: Light. The croissant is somewhat light and pretty fluffy, and the sausage has good texture, as do the eggs (more on that below.)
Taste: 7. The croissant is actually quite good, and makes this sandwich stand out from its competition somewhat. The sausage is mild but not bad. The eggs aren't very flavorful, but their texture is spot-on, which helps out the sandwich as well. But the croissant is the star here, tasting much better than a croissant from BK has any right to taste.
Value: 7.5. 2 for $2.22 is the same price as the special at Hardee's, and only slightly more than the one at McDs (which it is more filling than), so a good value for the money.

Serving Suggestions: Nothing springs to mind. The croissant is light enough to not require a beverage with it, and I don't know if ketchup would work with it, either.

Additional Thoughts: I remember distincly not liking these when I worked at BK in high school, but I thought for $2.22 I would give them another shot. I am glad I did. These are good sized sandwiches -- on par with the Hardee's biscuits -- and they are filling and tasty. Plus BK has French Toast Sticks, so if you get up early enough to eat these you could get some of them too. :)

Final Grade: 7.5. Good sandwich which takes good advantage of the differences between it and its competitors -- namely the croissant. Worth checking out.
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