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New Fish On The Block

Name of Item: Checker's Fish Sandwich
Chain/Brand: Checkers in Ocala, FL
Price: $1.00 each (I bought 3 of them)
Nitty Gritty: One (1) square fried fish patty on a bun, with tartar sauce and lettuce.
Optional Steps: None. I did buy three of them and an order of fries, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Aroma: 6. Smelt pretty good without smelling "fishy."
Fillingness: 5. I was full from 3 of them, about my average for $1.00 sandwhich. On its own, not much to abate my hunger, but your mileage may vary.
Mouthfeel: Hot, crisp, nice texture on both the breading and the fish.
Taste: 8. Tastes as good as the McFish or the BK Fish Filet (ne-Big Fish). Noteworthy in that it is the only one of those three without cheese.
Value: 10. I am a huge fan of fish sandwiches. And this one, clocking in at $1.00, is the best value for a fish sandwich you can find (at least, that I can find). Consider that the McFish and BK Fish Filet are both around 2 bucks, and that the Checkers one is the same size as the McFish and maybe slightly smaller than the BK Fish (Cheese and rice, either go back to Whaler or call it the Big Fish, jeez). That's a good deal where I come from.

Serving Suggestions: I like a fish sammich with fries and a soda. There's no issue of fish n cheese here, but if you want it I think they'll put it on there for you.

Additional Thoughts: Checkers is the first fast food chain I have seen to have their fish sandwich be $1.00 regular price. As long as they continue with that trend, I will like them. Furthermore, they also have the single most intriguing sandwich this side of the old McDLT -- the Deep Sea Double, which is a doube fish sammich for $1.99. Sweet Christmas! Looks like I may have found my fast food nirvana.

Final Grade: 9. Undisputed fish sammich value. Strongly Recommended.
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