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Name of Item: Enormous Omlette Sandwich Value Meal
Chain/Brand: Burger King in Aiken, SC
Price: $3.99
Nitty Gritty: One (1) extra large omlette, with four (4) strips of bacon, one (1) sausage patty cut in half*, and cheese, all on a long sesame seed bun. Meal consists of a small hashrounds and beverage choice -- coffee, milk, juice, or a soft drink (which I opted for).

*The last time I had this, and on the commercials, it had 2 sausage patties, so I don't know if this is a unique occurance or a running change.

Optional Steps: A little salt and a little pepper.

Aroma: 5. Not really noteworthy either way.
Fillingness: 9. One of the few breakfast sandwiches where I can get just a meal and be full, even with the small taters.
Mouthfeel: This is the interesting part. When you first take a bite out of it, it seems odd because of the bread (as opposed to a biscuit/English muffin/croissant). But after another bite you don't notice, and after another you realize this is like when you get an egg sandwich on a roll from a delicatessen. The bacon can be chewy but that's fast food bacon for you. The eggs and sausage have good texture.
Taste: 8. Nice juxtaposition of tastes with the two meats. If they could cram some ham (hehe) onto this bad boy we'd really be cooking with gas.
Value: 7. Its a good filling meal, but at $3.99 its the most expensive item on the breakfast menu. Still, buying one thing is better than buying multiple things, so its still not a bad deal if you are hungry like I am.

Serving Suggestions: I like to put some salt and pepper on my eggs so I put a little of each on there -- maybe half a packet of each. I know some people like ketchup, and that is an option too, even though I don't care for it on eggs.

Additional Thoughts: This sandwich certainly lives up to its name as it is the biggest breakfast sandwich I have ever seen. And you know me I like breakfast sandwiches. I also think it is interesting that BK finally has another use for the Original Chicken Sandwich buns other than the highly elusive Hot Ham Sandwich.

Also I would like to note that the "Wake Up With The King" commercials are *bleep*ing messed up.

Final Grade: 8. A filling sandwich from the breakfast menu? Sounds good to me.
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Would you say it's... hella-good?

I want one of those bastards, but I wake up at noon.
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