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Name of Item: Sausage Burrito
Chain/Brand: McDonalds in Aiken, SC
Price: $1.00
Nitty Gritty: One (1) flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, crumbled sausage, and I believe tomatoes and green peppers.

Optional Steps: One of the condiments offered is salsa, so I tried the mild variety.

Aroma: 5. Not really discernable except for a faint peppery scent.
Fillingness: 6. Not a big meal, but actually probably more filling than a single McD biscuit sandwich.
Mouthfeel: Pretty good. The eggs are cooked evenly, and since the sausage is crumbled it doesn't get chewy. The tortilla has a middle of the road texture, which is what you are looking for -- not overpowering but not non-existant either.
Taste: 8. I thought it tasted quite good, especially with the salsa.
Value: 9. It's a dollar, how can you go wrong? It may not be the most filling, but its cheap AND you can eat it on the go pretty easily.

Serving Suggestions: Get the salsa, either mild or spicy. Next time I do this, I am going for the spicy. The mild salsa is moderately flavorful but devoid of spice.

Additional Thoughts: I got this since I didn't have much cash (I also got 2 Hashbrowns for $1.00 as well), and I was was pleasantly surprised. For $2.12 after tax I got the burrito and hashbrowns and was certainly satisfied for breakfast. I would definitely get this one again. Its not as filling as a biscuit from Hardee's or the Enormous from BK, but makes a nice change of pace meal.

Final Grade: 7. Not as filling as I would like, but otherwise a good item worth checking out. Don't forget salsa!
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