Pat Benware (friendpersonpat) wrote in food4review,
Pat Benware

Triple Whopper

Name of Item: Triple Whopper
Chain/Brand: Kirkland, WA
Price: $6.50 or so, medium size.
Nitty Gritty: A bun, the works, and then three (3!) Whopper patties.
Optional Steps: One spartanfan has suggested adding onion rings. I intend to look into this.

Aroma: 7. Smelled like you'd expect from a delicious Whopper, but more.
Fillingness: 9. I could eat two myself, but I am beyond most mortal men.
Mouthfeel: Depends on what you're looking for. I know some people don't much rock the greasy food, and with three patties (mine were freshly made in addition) you will end up with a lot of grease. The bottom patty threatened to distintegrate. Nothing too spectacular aside from that though.
Taste: 7. Really good burger, though I think Wendy's famous Triple Classic is a bit better. Also, they used the standard amount of cheese, which goes against it a bit. Not enough cheese for all that burger.
Value: 6. Here's the sticking - it's not cheap. The price is good for what you get, but if you're looking for something you don't have to drop much money on this isn't where you're going.

Serving Suggestions: My personal choice is to get my burgers plain, with bacon and BBQ sauce. The onion rings were a good idea too. Though really, everyone's got their Burger Layour.

Additional Thoughts: Delicious meats.

Final Grade: 7.5. A worthy addition to the BK menu, even if they slacked on the cheese.

Stay tuned - I should be throwing down some Taco Bell reviews soon.
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